Saturday, May 3, 2008

Leaving at last!

We've said most of our goodbyes now. Yesterday was my last working day for the next six months. The past couple of weeks have been a massive blur of preparations and last minute errands. We're both a bit sad to be leaving but at the same time are ridiculously excited to finally be on our way. An odd situation to be in. The last few days have been more than a little surreal, but I'll elaborate on those on another occasion....

Our first flight of the trip, tomorrow, will take us to Hong Kong; our gateway to China. We'll be staying with a friend of Anna's brother. (The first of many friends, relatives and half acquaintances we'll be imposing on during our trip. We hope we won't impose too much!)

We're planning on one last Roti-Prata before Chris (my oldest friend here and ex-house/team mate) picks us up to take us to the airport around 1pm. We're both sitting here trying to remember what we've forgotten to print/buy/pack/send back getting steadily more excited!

Hong Kong here we come!

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go go go!