Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hema's Wedding (Trinidad and Tobago)

We arrived in Tobago in the middle of a tropical downpour which never really stopped during our week long stay. We did get the occasional respite which meant we managed to squeeze in a couple of trips to the beach in between showers. We were staying at "Kia's across from the Beach" which is really across from the bank and down the road from the beach. Karen, the owner was very warm and friendly and made sure our stay was as comfortable as possible. We hired a nice Mazda 3 (zoom zoom zoom) and took a drive round the island on the only full day of sunshine we had. We visited a few nice beaches including Englishman's bay and Speyside. We were able to snorkel off the beach at Englishman's bay which was a bonus.

Hema and Patrick's wedding celebrations were our main reason for coming to Tobago so the poor weather didn't really bother us. They threw a welcome BBQ on the Sunday after we arrived which was a lot of fun. The Caribbeans really know how to party. One of Patrick's uncles is a dab hand at rum punches, needless to say there were a few sore heads the next morning! The wedding itself was spread over two days of Hindi blessings and the ceremony itself. Neither of us had attended a Hindi wedding before so it was a great experience being part of their big day. The second day was a mixture of Hindi and western/Caribbean styles, the party continued late into the night. We were well oiled with rum punches and the odd forced shot of sambuca (Hema's idea to liven up the already lively event). There were drummers and a steel pan band making it a very tropical affair!

Yesterday afternoon, still very hung over, we left Tobago for the 20 min flight to Trinidad. We saw the happy couple at the airport on the way to their honeymoon, they didn't look as bad as we felt! The flight over was so efficient we had landed before we were due to take off! We stayed at a small B&B in Trinidad where a local couple took great care of us in their lovely home. A perfect start to the second leg of our trip.

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