Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Syracuse and Upstate New York

My old friend Matt met us at Syracuse airport on Tuesday last week. We stayed at his and his wife Jen's place the first two nights as Jen's parents were looking after Caleb (Matt and Jen's 8 mth old son) and Maggie (their dog) so they could show us round Syracuse (including a tour of the Uni campus where Matt works). Tuesday evening the four of us went into town to Dinosaur's BBQ, a biker bar and excellent BBQ food we all had ribs and various side orders. There was so much food we were still eating the ribs the next evening!.

On the Wednesday Matt and Jen drove us up to Niagra Falls which is about a 2 hour drive from their place. It has to be said that photos don't do the place justice, the falls are amazing, I've never seen anything like them before. We crossed over to the Canadian side to get a stamp in our passports and a much better view than the American side. The weather was better in Canada too!!!

The following morning we headed off early to Lake Bonaparte, where Jen's folks have a house right on the lake shore. We spent the next couple of days chilling out, swimming, drinking Bud-Light Limes, making banoffee pie and generally larking about. Great fun, Jen's parents spoilt us silly. We didn't seem to stop eating or drinking the whole time! It was great spending time with Matt, Jen and their family, especially Caleb who even at such a young age is seriously entertaining. We were very sorry to have to leave so soon. Next time we will have to stay a lot longer!

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